Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Judge me as a judge, not ex-AG : Pawan Kumar Ojha

Kathmandu, Jan 3-After taking the oath of office and secrecy following his appointment as an ad hoc justice of the Supreme Court, former Attorney General Pawan Kumar Ojha on monday said he will work under the 1990 Constitution.

Soon after taking the oath of office and secrecy from Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Paudel, Ojha said criticising him based on his previous duty as the Attorney General would be of no relevance as he is now an ad hoc justice of the Supreme Court.

Tahir Ali Ansari and Rajendra Prasad Koirala were also sworn in along with Ojha. However, another newly-appointed ad hoc judge Bipulendra Chakarvarti could not take part in the ceremony due to illness.

“Now my position has been changed and be assured that I will work under the Constitution,” he told journalists. He also said that people should judge him by his performance in the future as a judge not from his past job as the Attorney General.

When asked how he will assure the Nepal Bar Association, which is opposing his appointment, Ojha said, “My previous duty was to defend the government but now I will work as a judge of the Supreme Court to provide justice to the people,” he added. “Be watchful, whatever I do in the future,” he added.

Mainwhile,Nepal Bar Association (NBA) advisory committee comprising senior lawyers suggested the NBA to protest against the appointment of the supporters of the royal takeover to the posts of ad-hoc justices of the Supreme Court (SC).Angry lawyers strongly criticised appointment of former Attorney General Pawan Kumar Ojha as an ad hoc judge in the Supreme Court. A meeting of senior lawyers, former presidents of the Nepal Bar Association and advocates also urged the Nepal Bar Association to boycott benches of recently appointed judges on Sunday.

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