Monday, January 23, 2006

Lawyers protest against government crackdown
Kathmandu, Jan 23 - Various lawyers on Monday lit candles to symbolically protest the government crackdown on leaders, lawyers and human rights defenders and urged all to unite for the restoration of civil liberties.

The protest programme was organized by the Nepal Bar Association (NBA) today.

Speaking during the programme former NBA President Harihar Dahal said," We must not support the government in its conspiracy against democracy,” adding, “No one can compromise with human rights.”

"If this inalienable right is interfered with, then we have to snatch it back from the government," said senior advocate Shreehari Aryal.

“We all believe in doing and not just speaking, so for our freedom we have to work in unity against autocracy,” said senior advocate Basantaram Bhandari.

Similarly, NBA President Shambu Thapa said that the present government has crossed all limits of autocracy. It has suppressed all civil liberties and human rights in the country.

He also urged the government to release all the political leaders, law practitioners, and human rights defenders from security detention.

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