Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Singh committe reports says Thapa did it alone, killed self
Kathmandu, Jan 4-Minister for Information and Communications Shrish Shumsher JB Rana on tuesday released to the media the report presented by the commission formed to investigate into the murder that took place at the Kalika Bhagwati temple area of Nagarkot.

It is stated in the report that following a brawl in course of taking part in singing and dancing on the temple premises on December 14, soldier Basudev Thapa based at the Royal Nepalese Army Academy, Nagarkot, left for the academy and returned with a weapon and shot dead 12 people including himself.

The report also stated that Thapa committed suicide by shooting himself. It also stated that Thapa had a history of obstructing work and showing lack of discipline.The report also stated that brawl between the army personnel and villagers used to take place during such festivals in the past too but there was no additional security arrangement.

It said the Quick Reaction Team (QRT) of the army was not alert and aware even as the weapon was taken out of the barrack by Thapa, who had left the barrack without permission in the first place.

It also found that the officer leading the Academy had not maintained strong discipline among the personnel under him.The report has recommended that necessary actions should be taken to prevent possible fighting between the locals and army personnel who take part in such local festivals without permission in the future.

It also recommended the District Administration Office to make proper security arrangement during such festivals. The report said the management and operation of and discipline within the barrack should be immediately reformed.

Other recommendations by the commission include proper relief assistance to the families of the victims, arrangement for education and livelihood of the families totally dependant on the deceased, compensation to the injured and guarantee of a future livelihood for those who have become disabled or helpless.

The commission has also suggested the RNA to take necessary steps to ensure that such incidents do not take place in the future.The commission had presented the report to Vice-Chairman of the Council of Ministers Dr Tulsi Giri .

The three-member commission was headed by former justice of the Supreme Court Top Bahadur Singh.

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