Tuesday, January 03, 2006

SWC will implement code of conduct

Kathmandu, Jan. 3- As the written replies have been submitted, the interim order making way for the SWC to implement the code of conduct till the final hearing .

SWC member secretary, Sharad Sharma said ,The Ministry for Women, Children and Social Welfare and the SWC submitted the written replies last week to the court presenting the justification for the implementation of the code of conduct, Sharma said there had been apprehensions among different quarters that the code of conduct would not be implemented because of interim order. But this is not true, as the code of conduct will now be implemented till the final hearing on the case takes place, he said.

Sharma said that the SWC had held elaborate interactions with those who had stood against the code of conduct and had even filed a case against its implementation.

He said that following the interaction even those who were against the code of conduct have been convinced about is rationale.

two separate writ petitions had been filed at the court.

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