Tuesday, January 31, 2006

HM publicizes reports

Kathmandu Jan 31-His Majesty King Gyanendra, under article 127 of the constitution of the kingdom of Nepal -1990, has issued orders and made public the annual reports of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) and the Public Service Commission (PSC) of the Fiscal Year 2061/062 BS, and the report of the Office of the Auditor General- 2062 BS, presented to His Majesty the King, in accordance with the constitution of the kingdom of Nepal -1990.

This is stated in the notice published today by the Press Secretariat of His Majesty the King.
His Majesty has publicized these reports in absence of parliament.

As per the constitutional provision, such reports should be publicized by the parliament.

same as His Majesty the King has, in accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal-1990, promulgated the ‘Ordinance to Amend Some Nepal Acts Related to Education and Sports, 2006’.

This is stated by the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers .

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