Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Surya returns home after 15 years jail

Kathmandu, Jan 25 - After spending 15 years in a Pakistani jail for no fault of his, Surya Bahadur Nepali of Baglung Municipality – 3, will finally return home.

Sixteen years ago, he was returning home from Saudi Arabia via Pakistan when he was arrested on false charges and was lodged in Pakistan's Central Jail in Rawalpindi.

His luggage and passport were stolen when he was having lunch, after he landed in a Pakistani Airport.

Nepali, 35, is coming home after 15 years, said Jagdish Chandra Upadhyaya, Baglung district vice-president of Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) who met the prisoner in the Pakistani jail.
He was there recently with relief aid for the earthquake victims.

Upadhyaya said he was able to meet Nepali in jail after three days effort. Upadhyaya first met the Royal Nepalese Ambassador Puskar Man Singh Rajbhandari in Pakistan and apprised him of the situation. The latter arranged for a lawyer.

Ameer Khan, Pakistani lawyer agreed to provide legal support free of charge for his release while the Nepalese Embassy assured of free paper work involved in sending him back to Nepal.
"Once the Embassy and Foreign Ministry show concern, it works," said Upadhyaya, adding, "He remained in jail for so long as nobody had shown any concern before."

Upadhyaya has asked the family members here to ready airfare and Rs 40,000 for the lawyer's assistant.

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