Friday, December 09, 2005

Another Contempt of court case

Kathmandu, Dec 9-A contempt of court case was filed at the Supreme Court against Minister of Local Development Tanka Dhakal and two officials of the Ministry of Information and Communications on thrusday. The case was filed against Dhakal, in his capacity of Minister ofInformation and Communications, for disrespecting the Supreme Court stay order issued on November 29 allowing Radio Sagarmatha to air BBC programmes. Ministry officials Kumar Prasad Paudel and Ambar Raj Paudel have also been named defendant on the case. These two officials had seized the up-linking equipments from the Radio Sagaramatha. Advocate Sanjaya Santoshee Rai filed the case.

According to the petitioner, the Ministry seized the equipments immediately after the SupremeCourt issued a short-term stay order allowing Radio Sagarmatha to resume service until Decemer 7. A single bench of Justice Badri Kumar Basnet allowed the FM station to resume the service two days after the government shut it down but the authorities seized the up-linking equipments from the Radio Sagarmatha and only yesterday a division bench had issued a stay order to up link the BBC service.

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