Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Order against Space Time

Kathmandu, Dec 28 - Patan Appellate Court on Tuesday issued an interim order to Space Time Network Pvt Ltd against broadcasting Star Package channels through illegal diversion of signals.
With this order, broadcasting of all channels of the Star Package by Space Time Network has been halted.

Space Time has been accused of broadcasting these channels for the past few weeks through illegal signal diversion.

The channels which the court order bars Space Time from broadcasting include Star Plus, National Geographic, History, Star World, Star Movies, Star Gold, Channel V and Star News.
A case was filed at the court by Univision Co Pvt Ltd on December 15 seeking an order to halt signal diversion and illegal broadcast by SpaceTime.

"Do not broadcast the channels by illegally diverting signals," states the court order.

Both cable operators and users had been criticizing the illegal diversion of signals. "Due to such an act, consumers were put at a disadvantage," said Prem Lal Maharjan, general secretary of Nepal Consumers' Forum. "Such an act is against the interests of the government and consumers and against business ethics. Businesses should be run through fair competition," said Manraja Ranjit, president of Nepal Cable Television Associations.

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