Wednesday, December 07, 2005

CJ Poudel dissatisfied over NBA performance

Kathmandu, Dec 7 - Chief Justice (CJ) Dilip Kumar Poudel Wednesday expressed his strong dissatisfaction over the recent performance of the Nepal Bar Association (NBA).

Upon his arrival after participating in an international conference of Asian regional lawyers and chief justices, CJ Poudel said today, "Instead of promoting the prestige and showing respect, the institutions committed to the court are demeaning it."

Poudel, on the day of his appointment as chief justice of the Supreme Court, had expressed his commitment towards improving the "spoiled image" of the court.

Referring to the NBA's recent protests held at the court premises against the SC's ruling on the new media ordinance, CJ Poudel said, "All the stakeholders should accept the decision of the court," adding, "It's a judicial discipline."

The NBA had staged a protest demonstration recently in the SC premises protesting the SC's decision not to grant a stay order on the media ordinance.

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