Saturday, December 24, 2005

Present situation is hostile :former justice

Damak, Dec 24-Human rights activists have been suffering the most at present, an ex-judge of the supreme court, Laxman Prasad Aryal, has said.

He was speaking at a two-day eastern regional council meeting of the Nepal Human Rights Organisation, which kicked off on friday Comparing the current situation with the Panchayat era, he said: “Like the Panchayat era, present situation is hostile for the rights activists.”
During the Panchayat era, ministers used to be appointed with the King’s blessing, he said, adding that the practice had been given continuity.

People are frightened to think of the break of the ceasefire, a member of the National Human Rights Commission, Sudip Pathak, said, calling on the Maoists to continue truce.

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