Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Court Orders DDC Not to Obstruct Bar Function

Nepalgunj, Dec 21-The Nepalgunj Appellate Court on Tuesday issued an interim order to the district development committee (DDC), Banke, not to obstruct a mid-west regional golden jubilee function of the Nepal Bar Association (NBA) scheduled for Thursday. A single bench of justice Jagnath Pathak issued the order to the DDC not to obstruct the programme to be held in the DDC premises.

The NBA unit of the Appellate Court had submitted an application to the DDC on December 6 to provide its hall for the programme. The NBA had also paid the rent of the hall - Rs 1,000 - on Sunday. However, the DDC chairman Pashupatidayal Mishra later told the NBA unit that the hall was not free as another function to be attended by the Home Minister has been scheduled for the same day. Following this, the NBA unit had knocked the doors of the court to use the hall for the function.

The NBA Appellate Court unit along with the Nepalgunj unit and Banke district unit of the Bar body are going to host the mid-west regional golden jubilee function of the Association.

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