Thursday, December 22, 2005

Attorneys’ role to fight corruption stressed

Kathmandu, Dec 21-Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Niranjan Kumar Thapa today urged the government attorneys to play a vital role in fight against corruption.

“Government attorneys should play a vital role in fighting corruption in line with the government’s commitment to fight against corruption,” he added. Thapa was speaking at a conference of the government attorneys at the Office of the Attorney General. He also added that there is an urgent need to protect the eyewitnesses.

“Government attorneys should work to control financial crimes effectively,” he added.

Attorney General Pawan Kumar Ojha called on his colleagues to develop professional skills so that they could work as a bridge between the judiciary and the government. “Unless we improve our professional skills, we cannot effectively defend the government in the courts,” Ojha said.

Deputy Attorney General Dorna Raj Regmi and Narendra Kumar Pathak also emphasised on the need to improve the attorneys’ skills. “Unless we update ourselves with time, we cannot serve our three masters the executive, the judiciary and the legislature,” Pathak said.

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