Sunday, December 11, 2005

Writ against municipal polls

Kathmandu, Dec11-A writ petition has been filed at the Supreme Court seeking its order to the government authorities not to conduct the proposed municipal polls.

Advocates Hari Bahadur Mainali and Shridhar N Shrestha and Rajan Prasad Banjara jointly filed the petition today.The petitioners have claimed that the proposed municipal polls are illegal and there was no need to conduct such polls, as the major parties have not even registered for the polls.

They also claimed that the constitution has no provision of a government without the prime minister even in the state of emergency and hence the government is illegal. They claimed that the illegal government couldn’t mobilize the legal institution like the Election Commission to conduct polls. Similarly, the petitioners have claimed the preparations for the polls are illegal as they were directed by an illegal government.

The petitioners have made the Office of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, Home Ministry, Ministry of Information and Communication and the Election Commission as the defendants in the petition.The election Commission is scheduled to hold municipal polls in all 58 municipalities across the country on February 8.

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