Thursday, December 08, 2005

Four kids languishing in Morang jail

Biratnagar, Dec 8-Four children have been languishing in Morang district jail for the past year despite the Supreme Court order not to keep children below 16 inside the jailthe himalaya times reports. Almost a year has passed since the children have been in jail, no organisation has tried to rescue them, said jailer Kumar Pokhrel. “I am concerned about my son’s future and don’t know how to get him admitted to a school,” said four-year-old Sanjiv’s mother, Sita (37), who has been sentenced for life in a murder case .

Another convict, Rasid Khatung of Sunsari district, gave birth to a child on June 6 inside the jail. Kalimaya BK of Shanishare of Jhapa is a murder convict and has been living with her 15-month-old daughter, Asmita, while Gita Rai of Dharan, imprisoned under the Terrorism and Vandalism Act, is in jail with her two-year-old son, Kishan.

Sita says earlier she was in Siraha jail, where a head-constable, Pradip Shah, raped her and she gave birth to his child. She was transferred to Morang jail from Siraha last year. Her husband had left her 10 years ago, never to return. Rajbiraj Appellate Court had decided in her favour on October 15, 2003, confirming that Shah was the father of Sanjiv.

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