Monday, September 26, 2005

Court verdicts not implemented

Hetuda, Sept 26 - The ongoing conflict and the prevailing insecurity has led to non-implementation of court verdicts in Makwanpur district. According to Makwanpur District Court, most of the verdicts in the district have remained unimplemented.

The court, which is responsible for acting upon verdicts passed by the Appellate Courts and the Supreme Court, said it is yet to collect over Rs 11.7 million in fines.

According to an official, the court has not been able to send its staff to the field to implement court verdicts due to security reasons.

As victims are deprived of justice even though courts have handed down verdicts, the situation has led many to question the effectiveness of courts of law.

"The non-implementation of verdicts has affected people's faith in the judiciary," said Dhruba Chaulagain, president of Nepal Bar Association, Hetauda Branch.

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