Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Jail term in Sunuwar death case

Kathmandu sept 28-At a time when the Royal Nepalese Army (RNA) is facing criticism from rights activists for the violation of Human Rights, RNA has sentenced a colonel and two other junior army officers to six months of imprisonment for not following the 'right procedure' while handling the case of Maina Sunuwar, a Maoist girl who died in army custody in Panchkhal.
"The military court has recently issued the verdict sentencing the officers involved in the case," reports quoted a senior army officer at the RNA's Legal Department as saying.
Colonel Babi Khatri is the top army officer to receive such a penalty. Promotion of the colonel has been stopped for two years, and one year for the junior officers. The court also ordered the colonel and junior officers to pay compensation.
This is the first ever case in which the army court has asked the army officials to pay compensation to the victim. Colonel Khatri will have to pay Rs.50,000 in compensation to the victim's family, while two junior officers will have to pay Rs.25,000 each.
The court has slapped the punishment on the basis of a 'tendency shown' by the officers while interrogating the Maoist girl and handling the case after her death. The court found that the officers did not inform Sunuwar's family and her body was not sent for post mortem.

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