Thursday, September 22, 2005

Krishna kc re arrested

Kathmadu, Sept 22 - Plainclothes security personnel have arrested pro-Maoist student leader, Krishna KC, from the premises of Supreme Court Thursday evening, hours after the apex court ordered his release.
The security personnel, headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police from the Police Headquarters, Balaram Sharma were waiting outside the SC premises and arrested KC at about 8:30 p.m today inside the court grounds, despite the presence of several human rights activists.
Police vans were parked just outside the apex court premises throughout this afternoon. Sources said Chief Justice Dilip Kumar Poudel called vice chairman Dr Tulsi Giri about police deployment. Dr Giri’s response could not be known.
Earlier today, the apex court had ordered the government to immediately release KC, who was in army custody for the last two years.
A joint bench of SC justices Sharada Shrestha and Damodar Sharma had given the order to release KC in the presence of the court’s registrar saying there were no clear grounds to continue to keep KC in custody.
DSP Sharma took KC in saying that the authorities needed to carry out further investigations on KC.
KC had reportedly earlier, despite the court order for his release, refused to leave the court premises fearing re-arrest by the security forces present outside the court.
Plainclothes police personnel then showed the arrest warrant against KC to lawyers, human rights activists and journalists accompanying KC. KC was taken to the Registrar’s office after the court verdict fearing his re-arrest.
Members of National Human Rights Commission, Sudip Pathak, and Sushila Singh ‘Shilu’—a former Justice at the apex court—also visited the apex court this evening upon hearing about the re-arrest bid of KC.
In response to a habeas corpus petition filed on behalf of KC, the apex court held that there was no objective ground to detain KC and ordered his immediate release.
The court’s decision followed a recent habeas corpus writ filed by KC’s wife Laxmi at the SC.
Nearly one and a half years back, the court had dismissed an earlier habeas corpus writ seeking KC’s release after the government denied arresting him.
However, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) later reported that KC was under security detention.
Talking to reporters after the court verdict, KC said his release was the victory of all. He thanked rights activists, lawyers and members of media for their cooperation in highlighting his case. He said he was tortured badly while in detention and that he wanted to visit a hospital even facing the prospect of re-arrest.

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