Sunday, November 27, 2005

Court needs positive effort of Bar

Biratnagar, Nov 26 - Supreme Court justice Anup Raj Sharma on Saturday said the court needs positive effort of the Bar to pass verdicts in favor of people and the nation as a whole.

Speaking at a national seminar on 'State of peace and human rights: possibility and its challenges', Sharma said, "Let the Bar propel the bench to pass such verdicts." He also said that human rights could never be snatched. "It was eclipsed for some time only," he said.

Giving an instance of the chief justice Hari Prasad Shrestha during Panchayati era who passed verdicts in favor of people, despite the fact that those were not mentioned in the constitution, Sharma said, "People's desire to live automatically opens the way for protection of human rights."

He also argued that political balance was equally necessary for such things to take place.
Speaking on the occasion, Shambhu Thapa, president of Nepal Bar Association, said that the constitution should not be interpreted to please any one. Stating that all lawyers in the country are in favor of the supremacy of law and constitution, he argued that no one should follow those who indulge in corruption by flouting the constitution.

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