Friday, November 25, 2005

Need Law to check violence against women

Kathmandu, Nov 25- Violence against women is rampant in every field of life, but there is no strong legal mechanism to control this multi-dimensional issue. Dipa Pujari is a case in point.According to a case filed at the LACC, Dipa Pujari came to know, right after her marriage with Ravi Pujari of Chapagaon that her husband was a drug addict. Unable to cope with misbehaviour, physical and verbal abuse meted out by her husband and in-laws, she got divorced from her husband two months later.

Dipa KC had to endure extreme violence and negligence because she gave birth to two daughters. She decided to opt for divorce after 14 years of physical and mental torture.

Even if she wins the case and gets compensation, no amount of money will compensate for mental torture that she was subjected to. Dr Shanta Thapaliya, president, Legal Aid and Consultancy Centre , said: “Due to lack of legal provision and sufficient evidence, guilty party goes scot-free.” “We need multi-dimensional programmes to address violence against women.” “Violence against women cannot be controlled without introducing a proper legal mechanism.”

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