Thursday, November 24, 2005

Nepali woman jailed in Oman on false charges

Kathmandu, Nov 24 - A Nepali woman, Lili Kumari Bishwokarma of Maharanijhoda-6, Jhapa, is reported languishing in the Salala prison in Oman after police put her behind the bar on false charges.

Police arrested Bishwokarma for retaliating against her landlord, as the latter had attempted to rape her, according to Bishwokarma's family members.

"She said over the phone that the landlord first attempted to rape her and later filed a spurious case against her," her maternal uncle PB Diyali said, adding, "When contacted, Oman police demanded around 25 thousand rupees."

"She could be freed on bail but we have to follow legal procedures," Diyali said quoting Oman police over phone.

"Though we asked for help from the Nepalese Embassy in Qatar, our request was turned down," he added.

Rajkumar Tamang of Itahari, a representative of Dolphin and The River Overseas had sent her to Oman via Mumbai, said Diyali.

Likewise, seven Nepali women from Sunsari, Dhankuta and Bhojpur are also stranded in Kuwait, according to their relatives.

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