Saturday, November 26, 2005

Election code of conduct discussed

Kathmandu , Nov. 26- The Kathmandu District Code of Conduct Implementation and Monitoring Committee formed as per the Local Bodies Election Code of Conduct-2006 met in connection with the forthcoming local bodies election scheduled to take place on February 8.

According to the District Election Office, Kathmandu, arrangements have been made to enforce the election code of conduct in order to carry out the elections in a free and fair manner. Provisions have also been made for regular monitoring of the code of conduct and registering complaints at the Office in case of breaching of code of conduct by any sides.

The office will remain open for the purpose even during the morning, night and holidays.

The bodies required to follow the code of conduct comprise political parties and candidates, His Majesty’s Government and other organisations along with the public media.

The code of conduct of the local bodies’ election issued by the Election Commission was implemented from the day election was announced (October 9th, 2005) in case of the HMG, government and semi-government organidations and civil servants while in case of the political organidations or parties, candidates and those concerned with the candidates will be implemented from day the day the election programme will be published, states the Office.

Local Development Officer, District Attorney, District Police Chief, executive officials of Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Kirtipur Municipality shall remain as a member while the District Election Officer shall be the member secretary of the committee.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Convenor of the Committee Chief District Officer Sushil Ghimire

The main parties alliance has said it will boycott all type of elections to be conducted by what it calls the ‘unconstitutional government.’

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